The Benefits

Of Online Training

An integrated e-learning platform

The Wine Training platform comes with high-quality educational videos and other imagery, including aerial and 360 degree virtual tours. The written content is carefully crafted by our team of professionals, based on your own specific SOPs, to ensure correct learning of the most important skills and tasks. The platform also includes quizzes to check for understanding and provide a reporting resource to management.

Prepare your team before they arrive on-site

Learning from home has become a recognised and completely accepted process in recent years. Why spend valuable weeks at the start of harvest training new staff? Instead, allow them to prepare and learn in their own time, prior to arriving on site.

Professional Video Production

Video can capture environments and processes that are either impossible or very expensive to re-create outside of harvest. They engage the viewer far beyond text and still photos, and allow them to view repeatedly and pause at key moments – ideal for staff with limited English.

Easy to expand with further courses

Additional courses can easily be created to include other facets of your operation, include vineyards, contractor inductions and further staff education.


Our online training solutions are fully customisable to suit your winery and vineyard needs.

Starter Solutions


10 Professional Videos


A comprehensive virtual tour


1 course with 3 modules & quizzes


Platform access for up to 99 users for one year

From $25000 +gst

Comprehensive Solutions


20+ Professional Videos


Multiple Courses & Modules


Endless number of Quizzes


High-user platform access for 100-499 users


Platform access is charged at the following rates after the first year:
* Up to 99 users $595pa +gst
* 100 to 499 users $995pa +gst

About Wine Training

Wine Training Ltd is proudly brought to you by the talent behind 360 New Zealand, in partnership with an industry expert, Joaquin Bonet.

We deliver integrated online employee training packages specifically to the wine industry, hosted on the Wine Training e-learning platform. Our online training services reduce the costs involved in ongoing and repetitive in-person training. The platform allows organisations to pre-load their staff with important information and supply additional training resources.

The end goal is that work can be completed safely, to a high standard from day one.

Joaquin Bonet

Joaquin is a winemaker and brewer with experience in Argentina, USA and New Zealand. His experience includes training staff within large wineries. He is passionate about sustainability, efficiency and helping people learn. Joaco is always looking for ways to do things better.

360 New Zealand

For over ten years, 360nz has produced quality digital content, including photography and videography services, such as aerial and 360 degree imagery, virtual tours and educational videos. The 360nz team are specialists in WordPress e-learning platforms.

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